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Unique Powers of Art Based Education

It is a well known fact that art has a unique power and it has been inspiring human beings for centuries now. Art lets the creative eye see a wide variety of possibilities in new ways. It is also the connection between our shared humanity and the fundamental human desire to create and invent. Thus art based education is for those who value art for the sake of art.Art based education is also meant for those who believe that education must be rejuvenating for our society and our lives. Art based education is mainly for the artists who seek art in everything, including that which is relevant and authentically connected to the living experiences of the real world. Thus the art based education is based on the experiences of the makers and its viewers.It is meant for the practitioners, who value the link between relationships and spaces beyond the classroom and the studio. In literal terms, art based education is meant for those who believe in the power of the arts to touch imagination and evoke possibility and alter lifestyle. According to experts, it is the nature of art that lets one creates opportunities; where one can envision something outside the realm of what really exists for opportunities.It also provides the scope for the artists to envision something, outside the limits of what really exists for oneself and one’s community and the entire world where anything is possible. Artists and art practitioners attest that art based education is within the free space for creative expression and that people can explore new identities and possibilities for themselves.Thus, based on this type of education it is possible to explore new possibilities and identities for themselves and their communities, moving beyond perceptions of limiting boundaries and circumstances. Today, art based education is being applied in order to promote healthy communities and in order to augment prevention and intervention efforts, in the independent as well as the public sector.In addition art based education changes that emerged as a trend is also used in order to build community and foster change that has emerged as a major trend in the recent decades. Art education programmes are aimed at the youth as art tries to transform, enrich and save lives. In order to achieve the objectives, the programs address some of the society’s greatest challenges and strive to transform the youth. Therefore education that is based on art is also being used to address issues ranging from cultural wars to the environment.